Cinema Hall

We are delighted to inform you about the renovation and opening of the most artistically oriented cinema hall in Tbilisi. Historically, for many decades the “Cinema House” had been playing a great role in the popularization not only the Georgian and European cinema, but the world cinema with high artistic value.Our cinema hall had greatly contributed to the refined taste of dedicated Georgian cinephiles, as it used to offer non-commercial, independent, sometimes even banned films by the renowned film directors. Oriented on screening of the art-house films, the “Cinema House” is unique among Georgian cinema halls, as no other similar place exists today. We would like to ask for your support and collaboration in this process.


Georgian Film Academy’s aim is to enhance the promotion of the best traditions of Georgian, European and world cinema by spotlighting a film’s artistic qualities. Nowadays, we have managed to renew the cinema hall with 92 new seats and can provide cutting edge cinematic experience. In order to improve quality of the picture, we have updated digital equipment and the screen. We are very excited to announce that cinema hall is open now and is ready to receive guests.  Our goal  is to create alternative space for film lovers and propose a solid cultural platform in order to meet our audience’s expectations. We should also mention that Georgian audience has always had a great interest towards every project carried out by the “Cinema House”.

With partnership and help of “Europa Cinemas” and other international film institutions, the “Cinema House” aims to offer best options to its public, including following sections:


–       Latest film releases (award winning films from the different films festivals);

–       Retrospectives of the important film directors (including contemporary

authors) ;

–       Film – weeks (film festivals of the different countries);

–       Film – legacy (restored silent and sound films);

–       Film – classics (important films from the history of cinema);  

–       Social and educational programs (films on sensitive social topics, screenings

for disabled community etc.);

–       Documentaries (all types of documentary films)

–       Children and family section (films related to the children and family, including      animation for school children);

–       Film movements (French new wave, Italian neorealism, British free cinema,

Czechoslovak New Wave, Russian formalism etc.);

–       Parallel cinema ( independent, alternative, out of mainstream films);

–       Unknown cinema (avant-garde, experimental, new wave);

–       Premiere (new Georgian films).


Furthermore, “Cinema House” will host different cultural events: meeting with foreign and local film professionals, organizing film festivals, providing presentations, discussions, exhibitions and much more. Also, we are open for any kind of suggestions regarding the programming and of course, would be always happy to provide free space for the different cultural activities.