About Us

Georgian Film Academy (the former NNLE “Creative Union of Georgian Filmmakers”) used to execute the active work for many years in the field of cinematography development and support, collaborating with state structures and taking part in development of branch policy within the framework of its competence.

Creative Union of Georgian Filmmakers, which was renamed as Georgian Film Academy in 2015, instead of liquidation has been maintained based upon the old platform – with the status of non-commercial legal entity, with own property and statutory tasks which enables the academy to execute the activity confirming to the approbated practice of the analogical institutions  of other countries.

Georgian Film academy unifies competent representatives of several generations of Georgian cinematographers, has the proper intellectual resource and tangible base as real estate.

The main purpose of activity of Georgian Film Academy is development and popularization of Georgian cinematography, raising the prestige of national cinema at international market.

Film Academy popularizes Georgian cinema as the integral part of Georgian culture and supports to raising the interest toward Georgian cinema, supports to professional growth of young cinematographers, their creative initiatives.

Exercises monitoring over the problems in the field and drafts the recommendations to solve them.

Within the framework of own competence takes care for copyrights of Georgian movies in Georgia and out of its borders.

Georgian Film Academy is an independent organization having non-commercial space (cinema halls) which popularizes Georgian and the world cinema.

Georgian Film Academy cooperates with and supports to international festivals including Tbilisi International Film Festival (TIFF), Festival of Documentary Films “CINEDOC” and actively collaborates with Georgian National Film Centre.